Susie qualified as a podiatrist/chiropodist at Northampton University in 2004. Her private practice is as a general practice podiatrist/chiropodist and she is able to treat and give advice on a wide variety of foot conditions including the treatment of corns and calluses, verruca treatment, routine nail care, fungal and thickened nails and ingrowing toenails.

Susie also works for West Herts PCT as a specialist podiatrist in high risk clinics and in the diabetes foot clinic at Hemel Hempstead hospital. She is therefore able to give advice and treatment on all aspects of diabetic foot complications.

Your feet contain 25% of all the bones in your body and a complex network of muscles, tendons and joints. Your feet are like the foundations of a house, they provide support, balance and propulsion for the whole body, so when the foundation is not functioning properly or in pain, this can spread to other parts of the body causing pain in the legs, knees, hips or back.

Available practioners for this treatment are:

Navdeep Grewal
BScHons.,M.Ch.S.,Reg with H.P.C

The costs for this treatment are:

First Appointment   (approx 30 minutes)   32.00
Follow up Appointments   (approx 30 minutes)   30.00

To make a booking please contact the Morningside Health Workshop by telephone on 01908 366 957. Alternatively you can e-mail us here or make an online enquiry via our contact page.