McTimoney Chiropratic is a method devised to saftely restore the patient body's structural integrity.

Serious misalignment will often cause the body to compensate by making it's own subsequent minor adaptions.

The whole body is assesed at each treatment, checking and subtly adjusting bones of the skull, thorax, spine, pelvis and limbs, relieving subluxations throughout the entire body's structure.

Available practitioners for this treament are:

Maxine Chimes
LicAc, MBAc.C, Reg No. GCC Reg 01112
Heather Wright
DC.MMCA Reg No. GCC Reg 000816

The costs for this treatment are:

First Appointment   (approx 1 hour)   47.00
Follow up Appointments   (approx 30 minutes)   37.00

New patient appointments will be approx 1 1/2 hr, during which time full details will be taken of the presenting complaint and full medical history to ensure that chiropratic is appropriate. In addition neurological and orthopaedic testing to confirm diagnosis before beginning treatment. 

To make a booking please contact the Morningside Health Workshop by telephone on 01908 366 957. Alternatively you can e-mail us here or make an online enquiry via our contact page.