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New training venue for 2015 - details below ***UPDATED 06/01/15***

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Peter Warr BCCMA Vice Chairman was invited by the Organising Committee to be one of the top officials at the Wushu Tournament In his capacity of IWUF Technical Committee Vice Chairman.

At the last World Junior World Championships which was held in March in Antalya Turkey, 40 different countries from the five continents qualified for this prestigious Tournament.

This is the second time Wushu has held a tournament at the Olympics, to become an official Olympic sport there are many boxes your sport has to fulfil and tick to match up to the Olympic Charter.

There has been much hard work done to get Wushu recognised as a professional sport and organisation, at these events Wushu is put on show so that the Olympic Committee can see how far we have come to try and match their Charter.

The very first session of the Tournament was observed by the new Olympic President Thomas Bach, he also attended the first medal ceremony presenting the Gold Medal to a very proud young female athlete in Changquan.

During the Tournament many of the IOC Committee members come to watch the young athletes compete at the highest level including the previous president Jaques Rogge who also presented at the medal ceremony.

A sports laboratory was set up so that the Olympic Athletes and IOC committee members could try out new sports this was a great success with many taking part and being trained by the Wushu Champions from the five continents.

There were many pictures taken with Thomas Bach training in Wushu Technique of which he enjoyed very much, Jacques Rogge Spent his time at the sports Lab learning Taijiquan and is now going to take up this fascinating discipline.

Report for BCCMA AGM 2014

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Junior Olympic Games

Peter Warr Vice Chairman BCCMA has just received an invitation to officiate at the Wushu Tournament at the Junior Olympic Games which will be held in Nanjing China from 16th to 26 August 2014.

This is Peters 2nd invitation to officiate at a prestiges event as the Chairman of the tournament he was at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Wushu Sport consists of 10 disciplines of Northern and Southern Shaolin, Taijiquan, long and short weapons such as cudgel, spear, Broadsword and straight sword, the combat/ sparring is called Sanda which is full contact and is done on a raised platform with no ropes it includes punches kicks and throwing techniques.

Peter has been kept very busy as the Vice Chairman of the International Wushu Federation Technical Committee, last October he was invited to the Sport Accord Combat Games in St Petersburg Russia which is the Olympics of all Martial Arts,he then flew to Kuala Lumpur In Malaysia for the 12th World Wushu Championships where 80 different countries competed. This year he has been to Antalya in Turkey where the 5th Junior World Wushu Championships was held in March with 52 different countries competed this was for the junior athletes to qualify for the Olympic tournament.

Peter Warr - Masterclass seminar for 2014 - details below

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Saturday master class - Wu Qin Xi

Master Class Sunday, Taijijian, Xingyiquan and Tui shou

Peter with Professor Li De Yin

Peter at the 2008 Beijing Olympics Wushu Competition

Peter Warr's achievements

Peter Warr's CV


Present new classes for



ARE YOU STRESSED, full of TENSION, with low ENERGY levels?

Come and learn these gentle exercises, Suitable for all ages and abilities; with a combination of subtle stretching, deep breathing and co-ordinated movements, helping with balance, posture, and general mobility. Tai chi/chi gong will help you nurture your life force for better health and longevity, this profound programme will give you the key skills of knowledge to transform yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by integrating the wisdom of the ancients into modern daily life.


Day time and Evening Classes. At MORNINGSIDE HEALTH CLINIC, 135 Buckingham rd Bletchley MK3 5JD

Small friendly classes, Book early limited places.

For more information contact Peter Warr on 01908 366957

Email website

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The Wu Kung Federation is one of two UK Centres of Excellence registered with thePeter Warr British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (BCCMA), the UK's only governing body for Chinese Martial Arts. It is also an OCR Approved Centre.

Peter Warr, Senior Technical Director of the Wu Kung Federation, has over 40 years' experience of teaching Chinese Martial Arts. He is one of the top coaches in Europe, and holds senior posts in Chinese Martial Arts in China, Europe and internationally.

Peter WarrIn 1999 Peter was recognised by a major martial arts magazine, Combat, for his commitment and devotion to Chinese Martial Arts. Peter's name was placed in the Combat Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

As well as working hard to promote Chinese Martial Arts in the UK, Europe and internationally, Peter and his wife, Lavinia, are the proprietors of Morningside Health Workshop, a complementary healthcare clinic.


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Taijiquan & Health Benefits

Taijiquan is a Chinese form of "meditation" within movement, a series of movements performed in a slow, harmonised and relaxed way. Taijiquan is an Internal Cultural Art and is the Chinese path to mental, physical and spiritual fitness.

Most Westerners will have seen Taijiquan in documentaries; large groups of Chinese people performing slow and graceful movements in the parks. Taijiquan is also known as Shadow Boxing.

Beginners classes - Wed & Fri 7pm to 8pm
Intermediate - Wed & Fri 8:30pm to 9:30pm

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Kung Fu

The style of Kung Fu taught by the Wu Kung Federation is called Hand of the Wind and is based on the Feng Shou System. (Clifford Chen Soo 1919 - 1994).

With a comprehensive grading syllabus, which can take you from beginner through to Advanced Instructor.

Beginners classes - Monday & Thursday 7pm - 8pm
Intermediate classes - Monday & Thursday 8pm - 9pm

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Training DVD Now Available!

8 & 16 Posture DVD now available

£20 + P&P

Training Videos For Sale - 8 Posture & 16 Posture Yang Style

  • New training syllabus developed in Beijing.
  • Presented by Peter Warr - Vice Chairman - IWUF Technical Committee (I.O.C Recognition).
  • Step by Step Instruction for Students & Instructors.
Both Videos are structured in 4 elements:
    1. Dao Yin (Warm up Exercises)
    2. Qigong (Breathing Exercises)
    3. 8 or 16 Form Yang Style Taijiquan
    4. Self Defence Application

£20.00 each (plus £2.50 P&P) or £35.00 for the two (plus £3.00 P&P) saving £5.00.

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Double Book Launch

Self Defence for Women
Lavinia's book is called "Self Defence for Women" and is based on her self defence method of A.P.A.P (Awareness, Psychology, Avoidance & Physical). This book covers many differing aspects of self defence, focusing on the point that martial arts is a cultural discipline where self defence is concerned with survival. Dispelling the most common misconception made that you must learn a martial art for self defence.
The Kung Fu Handbook

Peter's book is called "The Kung Fu Handbook", which takes a beginner through the history of Kung Fu and what is involved with finding the right instructor and style to suit the individual. Also included are safe warm up exercises, and the Traditional Kung Fu basic's (eg. Stances, kicking, punching and body co-ordination exercises). There are over one hundred different styles of kung fu and many more variations, the book explains about the different styles of Northern & Southern Kung Fu systems. There is also two different Traditional routines of Kung fu. One is Tan Tui (Northern Spring Leg) and Xingyiquan (Mind & Will Boxing).

Both books have hundreds of beautifully illustrated pictures with easy to read text to follow each move step by step.

Lavinia's book is a must for the women who wants to gain confidence and knowledge for their own self protection, and Peter's book is for the student wishing a deeper knowledge of Kung fu.

A special thank you to the students that took part in the photoshoots, Elaine, Edward, Boycee, Berdita & Jason.

Both books are available now!
Price: ₤9.99 each + ₤5.00 P&P

Self Defence for Women   The Kung Fu Handbook
Self-defence for Women
  Kung fu handbook