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The style of Kung Fu taught by the Wu Kung Federation is called Hand of the Wind and is based on the Feng Shou System. (Clifford Chen Soo 1919 - 1994).

With a comprehensive grading syllabus, which can take you from beginner through to Advanced Instructor.

Outlined below is a brief outline of the various aspects of this style of Kung Fu:

Stances - For power focus and balance.

Leg Patterns - This is learning different kicking techniques and footwork for balance, co-ordination, power, stamina and flexibility.

Sticky Hand - Close quarter fighting using the different hand and arm defences, attack and counterattack movements.

Open Hand Set - To put into a set form all the different hand strikes, evasions and throwing techniques, to develop mental agility, focus, power and stamina.

Hand Speed Set - This sequence of movements works at two speeds and two directions, concentrating on agility, power and balance.

Hand Strikes - Using the numerous open and closed hand techniques to strike at various targets of your opponent.

Wrist Locks - Using numerous variations of wrist locks and twists but also learning the Wu Kung Federation secrets to make these far more effective.

Arm Locks - Using numerous variations of arm locks and control but also learning the Wu Kung Federation secrets to make these far more effective.

Restraint Techniques - As the name suggests, from defence, to neutralize your attacker in a controlled action, whilst keeping yourself safe.

Press Downs - These techniques are learnt and developed to aid the restraint techniques, but can be used in their own right.

Evasions - To use numerous evasions to avoid punching, kicking or grappling attacks. Helps alertness, blance, agility and control.

Self Defence - Simple but very effective techniques, unique to this system for personal security.

Weapon Work - Various weapons are used in either techniques or forms.

Chinese Wrestling - Incorporates many of the previous aspects, also involving throwing techniques and ground work. Very good for assessing and reacting to different situations.

Light  & Full Contact - For the person who wishes to put into action all the techniques they have learnt. Incorporating kicking, hand striking, throwing and locking techniques.

Kung Fu classes are available at the following times:

Beginners classes - Monday & Thursday 7pm - 8pm
Intermediate classes - Monday & Thursday 8pm - 9pm