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Medals Galore For The USA Contingent

One of the biggest Taijiquan Tournaments in the world was held in Winchester, Virginia in the picturesque Shenadough Valley overlooked by the Blue Ridge Mountains, USA. The tournament started on the 4th July 1998. Peter Warr, Technical Director of Wu Kung U.K based in Bletchley, and the Vice Chairman of the International Wushu Federation Technical Committee, was invited to be the Referee in Chief & Forms Examiner. This was a great honour for Peter at such a prestigious event. Many very famous Chinese Masters were present.

Two of Peter's American students who have trained at the Bletchley base excelled themselves. Betsy Scott Chapman become a National Judge and Sara Gelhom as a competitor won eight medals. 4 Gold - Traditional Yang Style - 42 Posture Competition Routine - Push Hands Restricted Step & Moving Step (this is the Martial application of Taijiquan). This made her Grand Champion in these events, she also won 1 silver in the Straight Sword Event and 1 bronze in the Broadsword Event.

Wu Kung Competitors have entered two major competitions this year. They have all trained at the Bletchley base and they have so far this year won a total number of medals: 6 Gold - 1 Silver and 1 Bronze.

Peter's responsibilities as Vice-Chairman of the International Wushu Federation Technical Committee are to attend tournaments around the world to train Judges and to oversee the Judging, administration and standards of the athletes and coaching abilities, ensuring that the criteria is met, thus preparing the way for Wushu to be recognised as an Olympic sport.

Peter is also the Vice-Chairman of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (recognised governing body by the Sports Council) and with both positions he has had two objectives; the first was to bring a professional qualification into Chinese Martial Arts - this has now been achieved with the Royal Society of Arts. Where both training organisations have worked together setting the standards for a National Vocational Qualification, this he has done very successfully, the second he is still working towards and that is to get Wushu into the Olympics.