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Sanshou Cup Championships Shanghai - July 2002

Report By:
Peter Warr - Vice Chairman IWUF Technical Committee

The 1st World Sanshou Cup was held in Shanghai. China. from 25th to 27th July 2002. The Technical committee and Judges arrived on the 22nd July, where a Sanshou Judges Refresher Course took place.
Peter Warr Vice Chairman IWUF Technical Committee and Mike Tanner IWUF Sanshou Judge represented the BCCMA / Gt. Britain.

For Wushu, this was a very prestigious event, with all the top Chinese dignitaries being present.
China's biggest TV sport's channel CCTV.S televised the entire competition, live to every corner of China; Sanshou has become the third most popular sports program in China after football and basketball.

This event was sponsored jointly by the Chinese Wushu Association, the CCTV.S and Guowu Sports Co Ltd.

The set up of the stadium was unbelievable, with so many camera crews that I lost count, big video screens, lasers, steam jets, strobe lighting, confetti, cannons and chinese crackers. It was something like Rocky 22 in Hollywood.

The Technical Committee had invited the officials and all Judges were paid, which included their airfare and accommodation.
The prize money for the fighters:

1st place 10,000 Yuan
2nd place 6000 Yuan
3rd place 3000 Yuan - there were two third places.

In all 16 countries and 44 competitors took part in the competition, it was held in 3 stages with 11 fights in each stage and 4 fighters in each weight category. The finals were the third stage and was held on Saturday evening.
To qualify for the World Sanshou Cup each competitor had to have won through to the positions from 1st to 3rd place in the World Wushu Championship in Armenia last year.

To help promote Wushu, China would like to see this event staged around the world.

The First Placing's were:

Weight Name Country

48kg Shi Xufei China

52kg Kang Yong Gang China

56kg Li Bijing China

60kg Kim Guee Jong Korea

65kg Geri Letu China

70kg Li Jie China

75kg Hosein Ojaghi Iran

80kg Liu Hailong China

85kg Mohammad Reza Iran

90kg Ali Asghar Shabani Iran

90+ Ataev Bozigit Russia