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Newsletter - June 2000

Well, time has certainly flown since our last newsletter was published in February 2000, and we've been very busy.

Members of the Wu Kung Federation have been very busy showcasing our talents at a regional competition. In April of each year, Dan Docherty holds a competition at Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre, Oxford.

This year was an opportunity for the new international Taijiquan training syllabus to be presented to the public. Peter Warr helped develop and implement the new syllabus in China for introduction to the West. Since 1999, the Wu Kung Federation has been successfully introducing this syllabus to its students and teachers.

Caroline Quilter, a former member of the Great Britain Wushu Team, won two silver medals for her demonstrations of the 32 Combined Form. Edward Gomersall also demonstrated the 32 Form at this, his first competition, and received much interest from other associations, including Wushu students from the Philippines. Thomas Coleman represented Wu Kung in the Push Hands discipline. His first competition, Tom won a bronze medal.

Well done to Caroline, Ed and Tom!

Peter went to Singapore in March to visit Grand Master Chen Yuhe. It was an opportunity for both to catch up on old memories and to train. Peter concentrated on Push Hands techniques, the traditional Yang Style Dao (broadsword) and Baguaquan. Peter is Grand Master Chen Yuhe's disciple (adopted son).

June and July are traditionally busy times of the year for Peter, as international travel beckons. Peter will again be returning to Singapore and Malaysia in June 2000 for the International Wushu Federation (IWUF) Technical Committee meeting. In 1999 the International Wushu Federation was given International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognition. At this meeting the IWUF will be discussing their proposals for the Olympics. They will be deciding which Taolu and Sanshou disciplines will be presented to the International Olympic Committee, should China be successful in its bidding to host the 2008 Olympics.

Peter returns to the UK for three days to work with Mr Motivator at Center Parcs, and then departs for the USA. The USA trip is an annual event for Peter, who is called upon to act as Head Judge at the "A Taste of China" championships. This is also an opportunity for Peter to catch up with the American arm of the Wu Kung Federation, Betsy and Sara, who trained with Peter whilst working in the UK.

When Peter returns to the UK he has one week's countdown to the BCCMA Wushu National Championships. The Championships, organised by Peter in his capacity as BCCMA Director of Taolu, will be held at Shenley Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes, on Sunday 16 July 2000.

The National Squad will be selected at these Championships to represent Great Britain at the European Wushu Federation (EWF) Championships in Rotterdam in October 2000.

Both the Wushu Championships in Milton Keynes and the EWF Championships are a chance for students to see Wushu, ie: Taijiquan, Taijijian and other disciplines, being demonstrated by top athletes. If you would like further information on these Championships, please contact us on 01908 366957.

Professor Li's weekend seminar on 26 and 27 August is booking up fast. We currently have circa 60 students for the first day (Chinese National 24 Yang Style Taijiquan), and 40 for the second day (Sun Style 38 Posture Taijiquan). If you would like to participate, please contact us on 01908 366957.