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Professor Li De Yin's Seminar Weekend - 26 & 27th AUGUST 2000

Professor Li De Yin was reunited with Peter Warr of the Wu Kung Federation during the August Bank Holiday weekend, when Peter invited him to hold two seminars in Milton Keynes.

Students associated with the Wu Kung Federation and beyond were invited to attend seminars on Saturday and Sunday. Despite the seminars being held on the Bank Holiday weekend, the turnout was extremely impressive. Students ranged from the 20-year old to the 50+. For Professor Li, this was not a problem, as he has an impressive ability to pitch the training to a level that suits all.

On Saturday 26 August 2000 Professor Li concentrated on the Chinese National 24 Form, developed by his uncle, Li Tian Ji, in 1956. It was an opportunity for both "old" and new students to the Chinese National 24 Form to practise and refine their performance. Even the more experienced found that there was something to be learned.

Sunday 27 August 2000 was a more specialised day, concentrating on the Sun Style 38 Posture Taijiquan. There were a number of students that would be receiving their first introduction to the Sun Style Taijiquan, but again, Professor Li explained that the level he would be working at would give all students a flavour of a different style of Taijiquan.

Before commencing the Sun Style, students spent 1 to 2 hours doing Wushu training; the training that China's top athletes would use to warm up before working on their particular routines. The Wushu training consisted of jogging, jumping, kicking, punching, and then putting all elements together. Just as the average student thinks they're getting the hang of being co-ordinated, new moves make the co-ordination fall apart! The Wushu training was great fun and was enjoyed hugely by all.

As with any teacher, there are differences in teaching methods, styles, and performance. From a teacher and a student's perspective, it was interesting to learn how the retired China National Wushu Team Coach would teach such a large group of people.

Professor Li has an uncanny ability to hold people's attention. His mime and gestures speak a thousand words and a simple move can convey the requirements he seeks in each individual. All students will have their own particular memories of this day, and we thank all that helped to make this Bank Holiday weekend so successful.

Our sincere thanks must go to Professor and Mrs Li for such an enjoyable weekend. Thanks also go to Hui, Professor Li's daughter, who tirelessly translated her father's words.

We look forward to welcoming Professor Li back to Milton Keynes in 2001.