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Taijiquan Pushing Hands (Tui Shou)

This is for students that wish to take their solo Taijiquan form to a higher level of theory and practise.

This Push Hands strategy encompasses Peter's 40 years of experience and the knowledge he has gained from the eminent masters and professors, that Peter has had the privilege to train with.

Training Methods

1 - 1st stage - Eight Basic Exercises

  1. Single palm using horizontal ring of Taijiquan
  2. Double palm using the top three rings of Taijiquan
  3. Training the waist
  4. Training the shoulders
  5. Training the hips & legs
  6. Training for rooting & flexibility
  7. Training Peng, Lu, Ji & An / Chai, Liu, Zhou & Kou
  8. Training on focusing & integration of mind & body

The above training drills incorporate fixed step, one, two & three step moving push hands.

2 - Intermediate Stage

Is to put all the basic training into practice, to learn to listen, absorb, divert, follow, adhere, respond neutralise & Fa Jing.

This training will co-ordinate upper & lower limbs, build stamina and speed up response time for Taijiquan application.

3 - Advanced stage

Taijiquan Sanshou

To learn the Traditional Two Person routine to advance students awareness of Taijiquan combat skills. This routine consists of offensive and defensive Taiji postures, performed in harmonious and flowing movements. However at the same time showing the power of Taijiquan as a martial art.