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A Brief History of Shuai Chiao

Shuai Chiao is the oldest known form of Chinese Martial Arts. How did men fight before they learnt how to kick & punch or use weapons? They wrestled and that is how Shuai Chiao started.

Before the Chin Dynasty (221 BCE) China was not a unified country, and during this period the nomadic tribes travelled around this vast country fighting one another.

Wall paintings and tapestries have been discovered that date back 2000 years BCE, showing men wrestling wearing horned helmets. There is a saying that when watching shuai chiao, with both men interlocking their arms, this looked like two animals locking horns.

It is said that Shuai Chiao is the forerunner to Sumo wrestling & Judo, these Japanese arts were greatly influenced by Chinese wrestlers that visited Japan.

There are many shuai chiao techniques that have been integrated into the different schools of Kung Fu & Taijiquan. The original shuai chiao used kicks & punches to vital points, as well as learning to absorb, hooking, holding, turning, rolling, encircling, cutting, throwing, seizing, tearing, hitting, pushing and grasping.
The art was to be able to throw your opponent to the floor and then follow up with a punch or kick to a vital point. With regards to competitions these dangerous moves have been restricted to promote shuai chiao as a sport.

To uphold the tradition of the Shuai Chiao techniques, the Wu Kung Federation still teaches the complete movements to the experienced and advanced student.

Chin Na - Locking & Restraining Techniques

Chin Na the locking and throwing techniques evolved from various shuai chiao techniques and have in some styles become an art in its own right.
Chin Na focus's on wrist locks, arm locks, restraint & controlling techniques, choke holds and using vital points to neutralise an attacker.

There are many training methods to learn Chin Na and each school of martial arts may prefer differing methods.

Within the Wu Kung Federation the shuai chiao and Chin Na techniques are integrated into our system of Kung fu. It is part of our training syllabus; each grade is carefully monitored to allow the student to achieve the skill and essence of each technique, to make the art effective for self-defence. Instilling discipline, respect and safety to each student.