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Peter who has over 40 years of experience of practising and teaching Chinese Martial Arts.

His first teacher was his Chinese father in law Chee Soo, who taught Peter the Kung Fu system of Hand of the Wind. This system incorporates Chin Na (the art of Locking & Throwing), Shuai Chiao (Chinese Wrestling), Original Li Style Taijiquan, Chee Sau & Push Hands.

Peter also spent ten years training with Master Jifu Huang who taught Peter in the Jing Wu system, Chen Man Ching, Push Hands, Xingyiquan and many other wushu techniques. Master Huang also introduced Peter to one of his Masters, Chen Yuhe who was a graduate from the famous Nanjing Academy, the central wushu academy which was set up in the 1920's.

Peter is a disciple of Grandmaster Chen Yuhe and was trained in the Traditional Yang style Taijiquan and Taiji Dao and Xingyiquan. Grandmaster Chen Yuhe is 5 th Generation Yang Style.

Peter was one of the first to learn the Traditional Sun Style Taijiquan within the UK and was trained by Sun Lu Tang's Daughter Sun Jian Yun. Peter studied direct from the Sun family.

He also studied with Prof Li Deyin since 1988, where Prof Li was Peter's mentor at the IWUF Judges course. Peter was the first European to pass all the examinations to gain an IWUF Judges Degree.


  • Traditional Styles
    • 85 Posture Yang Style
    • Sun Style
    • Chen Style
    • Traditional Wudang Taijijian
    • Yang Style Taiji Dao Broadsword
    • Xingyiquan (5 Elements & 12 Animals)
    • Push Hands
    • Taiji Sanshou 2 Person Fighting Form
    • Original Li Style
    • Chen Man Ching
    • Shuai Chiao
    • Kung Fu
    • Tan Tui
    • Self Defence